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Dirigida por Antonio Fava

28 agosto – 22 septiembre 2017

Reservado a lo ‘veteranos’ de los cursos de Antonio Fava. ArscomicA invierà directamente la propuesta, el programa, lo cuestos y las informaciones sobre de la estancia, a los veteranos seleccionados desde los cursos precedentes. El curso se desarrollerà en el castillo medieval de Capestrano (L’Aquila).


Dear artists,
every year ArscomicA organizes a month of four weeks of very intensive continuation of the Stage Internationale di Commedia dell'Arte.

The course called THE ZANNANTI addressed to the “veterans”, to those who have already attended the Commedia dell'Arte courses held by Antonio Fava.
THE ZANNANTI is an advanced course that introduces elements of Commedia no having the attention of the traditional historiography, but very important in the development of the Commedia itself. For example, the character called Scaramuccia, powerful creation of the great seventeenth-century Neapolitan actor Tiberio Fiorilli, was partly forgotten and partially illustrated by the legend of the adventurer, confusing like this the character with the actor. In fact, the figure of Scaramuccia, or Scaramuzza, then Scaramouche when Fiorilli passed in France, is a very dynamic mask, designed to allow creativity to solo moments: it is a kind of Zanni capitanizzato or a Capitano zannesco.
Another lost character, but found by the research of Fava, is Sivello. Created by Giovanni Gabrielli, between the sixteenth and seventeenth century, it is a very poetic mask, a sort of riassuntore singer, a commentator of all that happens: no narrator, but a kind of living Gazette of everything that grows in the intrigue. Other important lost figures, at least in the proper knowledge, are the Neapolitan Sarchiapone and that particular character that we call the Gran Cuciniere Ciccialardone.
We’ll face "disappeared" forms, such as the Opera Regia and the Commedia Epica.
And more, in a continuum that starts from the basic gestures to immediately plunge into COMEDY FOUND.

Antonio Fava is a high-level researcher, who leads immediately into the work of the actor all acquisitions came to light.
The period runs from August 28th to September 22th , 2017.

All detailed information will be given by Dina Buccino, at your request. Contact her at this email address:

Thank you for your attention and, in the meantime, enjoy the continuation of website.