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ArscomicA produces plays, co-produces theatrical performances and co-operates with companies all over the word to make the theatre.

All shows are comic performances because of their traditions and cultural origins: the ancient Commedia dell’Arte, the continuation of modern Art based on history, the Renaissance comedy.

ArscomicA productions develop Antonio Fava’s comic-theatrical vision, who is basically the main author: La Flaminia Rapita, Acqua Minerale, O la Torta o la Vita; the Pulcinella’s saga Vita Morte e Resurrezione di Pulcinella, Pulcinella’s War, Pulcinellata Nera, Pulcinella Furioso, La Schiava di Pulcinella; re-editor of the Le Astuzie di Coviello from the Casamarciano collection; director of all ArscomicA productions. Often interpreter.

Co-productions - not necessarily co-operation - by ArscomicA and the other or other partners, are mainly at organizational level with the intent of promoting and distributing completed artworks. Co-operations are : “The Zanniskinheads and the Quest for the Holy Balls” and more recently the Commedia Marinaresca Naufraghi, Corna e Zucchero.
These joint productions have particularly seen Antonio Fava’s involvement as the director.

The Zanniskinheads and the Quest for the Holy Balls

Among all, great consideration is given to the preparation and setting of Commedia Gabrielliana, which sees artists directly from Fava’s school. Currently active artist with their Commedia Gabrielliana are: Matthew Wilson (Washington), Merve Engin (Istanbul), Jean-Luc Grandin (Geneva), José Gabriel Campos (Murcia), Dalia Vera Slomianski (Tel Aviv) and Tiia-Mari Mäkinen (Helsinki).

All in-house and external activities are “covered/protected” by cultural and stylistic consistency. When Commedia is historical (Le Astuzie di Coviello) or modern (Zanniskinhead), or in continuity - ’continuity’ is the word that Fava considered synonymous of ’tradition’, not repetition of past events but steady evolution of a specific cultural-artistic movement - as for gabrielliana and pulcinellata, or when the director works on a historical text (Moscheta, Candelaio) the general poetic vision is marked by the Renaissance one, which is the one that characterised all ArscomicA activities. In all co-productions and cooperation, artists have this very same poetic vision, which is what creates the interest and the will of acting together.